Mark was very professional and knowledgable when he designed our non-profit web page. He was very creative and inventive when giving me ideas that I could choose from. If I were to need this field of work done again I would hire Mark Kern to do it.

Kami Meyer
Winchester Pride

Mark was very creative and a huge help with the design and implementation of our website. He had excellent ideas and helped us put our words and thoughts into action. He is very reliable and worked very hard for us.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Paula Larson
Executive Operations Manager, ELM Services LLC

I reported to Mark for a period of time. During that time, I found him to be a great supervisor who cared about his employees, stayed focused on the objectives, and was determined to get things done.

Joseph Rozell
Accountant, Sprint

I have had the pleasure to work with Mark Kern for many years. He is one of the most knowledable, helpful, proactive and can-do person that I know of. Mark is thoroughly familiar with all phases of Wireline Traffic and Revenue Assurance and was well known as a SME. A lot of people here at Sprint who have sought and received Mark’s support and guidance – which helped us deliver many large and complex revenue finds. I would actively seek to work with or for Mark in the future.

Debbie Ludwig
Revenue Assurance, Sprint

As a direct report to Mark, I found him to be a wealth of knowledge and very supportive. He is definitely a go-to person with a can-do attitude, always eager to assist with excellent input and a positive outlook. He strives for excellence for himself, his peers and direct reports. I highly recommend Mark to any potential employer.

Melissa Hall
Revenue Assurance Analyst, Sprint

I have work with Mark for quite a while in a support supplier role for billing operations. I highly recommend Mark. I was always impress with Mark work ethic and proactivity. He was always great to work with and very knowledgeable. He demonstrated excellent leadership and interpersonal skill. Mark is definitely a team player and would be asset to any business organization.

David Crockett
Supervisor Application Development, Sprint Nextel

I worked with Mark for 3+ years and he was a great team player. Mark’s knowledge of traffic processes was valuable to support his team. Additionally, Mark has excellent project management skills that he applied during the many projects he managed from a traffic perspective.

Matt Reader
Manager, Sprint Nextel

I worked with Mark and his team on several occasions and was impressed with his management style and professionalism. He allowed his team to focus on important projects and gave them the support they needed.

Vince Benne
Application Developer, Sprint Nextel

Mark is a highly respected Supervisor. He established an outstanding rapport with our team as well as the business partners we collaborated with. Mark is always open to new ideas and sensible in his reactions to challenges faced within our team. He is an intelligent, dedicated, and personable Supervisor. I am extremely confident he would be an asset to any employer and I recommend him for any endeavor he chooses to pursue

Sarah Smith
Revenue Assurance Analyst, Sprint

I have worked on the same team with Mark as a peer. He is a team player and dedicated worker. I have also observed Mark as a supervisor as we have both worked our way through the corporate ladder. Mark tends to the needs of those who report to him and guides them through obstacles while tending to important projects and firedrills that may arise.

Robert Keyser
Manager, Sprint Nextel

As a manager, I hired Mark as a contractor to create and manage an entirely new process for new Sprint products that required CLEC data and maps. His success in development of an Access database and associated processes was so impressive that we elected to hire Mark as a permanent employee. Once a member of the team, Mark continued to demonstrate an ability to quickly grasp business needs and to respond to those needs very effectively. Team members respected Mark for the quality of his work product and for his great can-do attitude. I would gladly work with Mark again and would highly recommend him to future potential employers.

Kathy Ternes
Group Manager, Sprint

I highly recommend Mark. He is a very dedicated, responsible, hardworking man, and does an excellent job. Mark is easy to get along with, and does not need hand holding to get something done. He is reliable and has a great work ethic. I hope I have the opportunity to work with him again soon.

Christa Trainer
Project Manager, Sprint