Social Media for the Small Business

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Social Media is a great tool for small businesses…if you approach it right.

Build Engagement

A common mistake is thinking that social media is just another platform to bombard your customers with advertising and expecting to get rich after posting a few status updates or tweets. Social media is about engaging with customers and potential customers. It involves 2-way communication.

You need to approach social media marketing with a long-term perspective. It takes time to build up that engagement. Customers want to feel that they are connected to your company.

Start slowly

Identify what platform your potential customers are on and joining that social media site. If your market is technology and early adopters, Google+ is where you may want to start. If you’re a business to business operation, LinkedIn may be where to start.  Looking to reach teenagers and their parents, Facebook is the place to be.  Take the time to build up your audience before jumping into another platform.

Provide Value

In order to get Likes, +1’s or Followers, you need to offer value to the customer.  You need to give them a reason to visit your profile or read your post.  If you are a financial planner, you could offer budgeting or credit tips.  A florist may want to provide gardening tips or telling potential customers the best time to plant in your location.

Reap the Benefits

Be consistent and offer value and you will build up an audience in no time.  When your customer has a need for your product or service, your name will be the one they think.  Make sure your profile has a call to action:  a phone number or link to your website where they can make a purchase.

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